Why executives can’t afford to ignore 5G security

Dmitry Kurbatov, CTO of Positive Technologies, reveals why executives need to educate themselves about the potential cyber security threats surrounding 5G.

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We have already experienced the first wave of 5G deployment from mobile network operators (MNOs). While the commercial opportunities are clear – increased bandwidth, capacity and speed – board members need to wrap their heads around the new security risks circulating this investment. Compared to other generations of networks, 5G is pivotal to an ecosystem of connected devices and applications, making it more dangerous if not secured. It goes beyond users having trouble with their internet, at its worst it could become a matter of national security.

Although tagged as the “next-generation” network, 5G is currently built on the infrastructure of previous generation networks. That means, cyber criminals can exploit security vulnerabilities in signalling protocols (SS7, Diameter and GTP) from 2G, 3G & 4G which can be used to intercept calls & SMS, track user location and strip users of service.

With security flaws embedded in the network themselves, it is concerning that security is appearing more on the news agenda than on the boardroom agenda. According to Gartner, mobile operator executives priorities shareholder value, sustainable growth and scoping out new growth opportunities over security, risk management & improved digital skills at board level. This is despite the fact that a cyber attack can impact the overall success of the business in terms of revenue and growth.

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Man who called out NVDIA’s Rise Makes Bold 5G Prediction

Legendary investor Jeff Brown is known for picking BIG winners…

Long before the rest of the investing world catches on. That’s how he got it right with NVIDIA in 2016. And again with AMD in 2018.

Now he’s identified one little-known company that makes the device to power the 5G revolution…which experts estimate will be 190x BIGGER than the iPhone launch…

He recently shared his research with a small in-person audience. The response was so strong that he decided to make it available online for a limited time only.

Watch now to learn about what company Jeff thinks is a “slam-dunk” for 2020

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