Warren Buffett says this is how to financially survive the coronavirus

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When Warren Buffett speaks or acts, millions of investors pay attention.

The folksy financial guru who eats at McDonald’s and still lives in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, is a billionaire many, many times over, so Buffett buffs watch him closely to pick up tips on how they can be incredibly wealthy, too.

Ears have pricked up in recent weeks as Buffett has shared some money wisdom about the coronavirus crisis. Lately, it has been giving Wall Street new fits over reports of fresh outbreaks in multiple states.

See what the “Oracle of Omaha” has had to say about the pandemic and stock investing, credit card debt and more…

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Powerful 5G Prediction for 2020
From the Man Who Called NVIDIAs Rise

Last time Jeff Brown made a prediction like this was three years ago when he predicted NVIDIA would be the number one tech stock that year.

He was right. And anyone who listened to him could have done very well. (He’s still bullish on NVIDIA by the way)

You see, for over two decades Jeff has worked with some of the hottest names in tech in both Silicon Valley and Japan, including NXP Semiconductors and Qualcomm.

And now he’s predicting big things for 5G in 2020.

Prediction #1: There will be a tidal wave of 5G devices in 2020 and sales of 5G phones will far surpass 300 million units.

The current forecast is that there will be about 300 million 5G-enabled handsets sold.

But according to Jeff, that number is far too low. He believes there will be a tidal wave of 5G phones sold in what will be the largest smartphone upgrade cycle in five years.

To start, Apple has been quietly gearing up for the 5G-enabled iPhone launch, which is expected for September. Telling suppliers they now expect to ship more than 100 million 5G-enabled iPhones. That’s up from the company’s previous projection of 80 million 5G iPhones.

Prediction #2: The company at the heart of the 5G race will be the #1 Tech Stock of 2020

As more 5G networks come online, we’ll begin to see things like virtual reality, self-driving taxi fleets, or holographic projection.

Bottom line, investors are going to make a lot of money this year on 5G.

And the company at the heart of it all is Jeff’s pick to be the number one tech stock of 2020.

To watch Jeff’s full presentation about The Number One Tech Stock for 2020, simply click here.

You’ll get instant access to a recording of Jeff’s presentation. And you’ll also get regular updates from Jeff on technology and investing trends to watch out for.

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