This video is a MUST-WATCH for all Americans.

In it, you’ll see the details on a coronavirus breakthrough from a genetic testing company.

It’s an American company that provides some of the most flexible and affordable genetic testing on the market today.

It offers more than 18,000 single-gene tests and more than 800 rare-disease tests.

And it just announced a new test for the coronavirus, one of the first on the market based on next-generation sequencing.

The reason this is so important is that…

This type of test will not be hampered by an ongoing shortage of reagents, substances used in chemical analysis.

The company said its lab has the capacity to process thousands of samples per day.

I would say this is the most important issue of the pandemic.

The countries that have performed the best during the coronavirus crisis are those that have tested the most people the fastest… like South Korea and Germany.

So this company is set up to be a key player in helping end this crisis.

Likewise, it’s a great opportunity for investors.

Watch this video to see the breakdown from Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green.

It in, he gives you all the reasons he considers this company one of the top three buys in this market.

Click below to play Alex’s video from his home office now.

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