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In early April, I made a prediction many called crazy.

Right on the heels of the March crash, I told you the “biggest bubble ever” was just getting started.

That the markets were about to get a jump-start.

After that, the S&P 500 Index staged a staggering 30% rally over the next two months. We had a slight pullback, and now the market is within 6% of its June 8 highs.

But even though the market rallied sharply, I still believe the best is ahead for stocks.

There’s something going on behind the scenes at the Federal Reserve — and in the halls of government. It’s helping reset the American economy and power this market. And one chart proves it.


Back when I wrote this article, the outlook was as doomy and gloomy as it gets.

New daily COVID cases were growing in excess of 30,000. Most of the U.S. economy was under stay-at-home orders. The workforce was shedding over 5 million jobs a week — much higher than the 281,000 lost in mid-March.

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Networks Trying to BAN Bill O’Reilly’s money message


You better watch Bill O’Reilly’s money message before it’s too late.

One network flat out told us they refuse to run it because of its conservative nature.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is a direct violation of the freedom of speech?

What we fear now is that other networks might piggyback on this ban.

I urge you to watch this message closely and take notes. 

Click here to watch now.

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