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We get a lot of questions about this.

What do you recommend for stop-losses?

The simple answer: we don’t.

A stop-loss is like an automatic alarm that will kick you out of a stock when it hits a certain price.

Stop-losses are recommended by some brokers and other financial advisors as a kind of safety net.

But we don’t use stops in our strategies anymore. It was a part of our strategy in the early days … but we quickly saw that it does more harm than good.

The truth is a stop-loss order can cause you to miss out on the biggest, most incredible gains that can come with our recommendations.

You see, no stock will rise or fall in a straight line. And sometimes we buy into stocks during times of volatility — offering a great price and more room for gains — when we know that holding Strong Hands will prevail.

For instance, Paul recommended Tableau Software (now part of Salesforce) stock in his Profits Unlimited research service, back in June 2016.

Had he used the standard 10% stop-loss, it would’ve been triggered just a few weeks later, when the stock fell 13%.

But since we don’t use stop-losses, our readers were able to ride Tableau Software all the way up to a 199% gain!

And as for a safety net? Well, that’s your entire Bold Profits team.

We’re watching your stocks day and night, and we’ll send you a note or an alert if there’s an action Paul or the team wants you to take.

Don’t get stopped out of major opportunities.

Remember: Fortune favors the BOLD.

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