Man who Predicted 2008 Collapse Makes SHOCKING new Prediction for 2020…

This document has been leaked by insiders to warn you for what’s coming. Former intelligence advisor, Jim Rickards, feels it’s his duty to warn you about what could unfold in the coming days.

As you have seen, our markets are in wild throws, businesses are closing down, and analysts fear unemployment may surpass levels seen in the 1930s.

Jim Rickards may well be one of the most well known “insiders” in the world,

  • He predicted the 2008 market crash,

  • He was front row while Wall Street worked a 3.6 billion bailout,

  • He is the best selling author of  several books predicting looming downfalls, like “Aftermath: the Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos

  • And “The Death of Money: The coming collapse of the International Monetary System” that he wrote 6 years ago!,

  • And he was right when he predicted last year that the world is not ready for the next financial crisis.

It’s no wonder that he has made his career advising government entities in preparing for the worst. He’s been pounding the table all over the news such as Business Insider, Forbes, and Bloomberg trying to get Americans to protect themselves from the looming crash.

And now, the crash is here, again. What have you done to protect yourself and your family? Are you prepared for multiple waves of closures? What happens if this is 10 times worse than the 2008 collapse, like Jim predicts?

You don’t have to sit around and hope for the best. Click below to watch Jim’s urgent video outlining his new predictions for the state of the union and the 5 steps Jim is taking to prepare for what’s coming.

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