Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to think about the things you are thankful for while you are celebrating tomorrow.

I’m going to call the next target efficiently hit, it’s close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades. Our target was 18.07 and the high water mark today got to exactly 17.99. Sell some of your position, tighten your stop loss, and let’s see how high this thing can go.

The next potential target is going to be a little harder to figure out because we don’t have a pull back. I would make the assumption that it is going to pull back at some point and I’d use 14 as my pull back point. I may be wrong about that, but we can make adjustments over time. If it does pull back to 14, the next targets would be 16.87, 18.68, 21.61, 24.54, and 26.36. However, if it continues to go higher I will adjust those numbers and update you.

Good luck, hope it helps. See you on the next one.