Is Tsla A Good Buy Now? [6/25/20]

Hubert Senters, here. Had a question from a viewer about: “What I thought about TSLA?” 

So, let’s take a look at it really quick. 

So, if I’m looking at it a little bit longer term, it obviously looks really good. This is a monthly chart of TSLA, you can see that it’s building a nice little consolidation. Vertical pull back and then vertical again. 

This is, actually, something you should write down in your notebook. When you see stuff happen like this. When it goes from .1 to .2 and then does a 50% retracement, it’s usually a decent buying opportunity. So, you can see monthly looks good. 

The weekly looks pretty good. Looks pretty static, but still going up. And then the daily is..still looks good. But could potentially be rolling over.  Overall, I like it. It looks pretty good. It’ll probably pull back to $906, could potentially pull all the way back to $800 bucks and go north of $1000. 

My question to you is…well, that’s my opinion. Try not to let my opinion influence your decision, cause I know it will. Cause if someone told me their opinion, I might take it.

My question to you is, as viewers of this video, do you think that TSLA is going to go…let’s say in the next 3-5 days, so that will be a short term trade and in the next few weeks. 

In the next 3-5 days to the next few weeks. Is TSLA going to go higher in your opinion or is it going to go lower. We’ll use $1000 as our point, ok? 

Is TSLA over the next few days to the next few weeks going to trade above $1000 or below $1000. 

Jeff Clarck’s got a video he wants you to take a look at. The 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint: How to Retire Rich using Just 3 Stocks. So, clearly you’ll have to hit the unmute in his video and he’ll give you the three tickers of those stocks. Good Luck. Hope it Helps. And I’ll hyperink you to his video.


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