Finally some good news.

The economic lockdown has been brutal.

35 million+ unemployment applications, and thousands of businesses going bust…

Unemployed workers are wondering how they will survive.

Well, finally we have some good news.

One powerful but unknown company — trading around $3 — has secured multi-million dollar contracts and is set to build HUGE production facilities across the country.

This company has partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, Sharp, HP, Sony, Nokia, and has done $29 billion in sales with Apple alone.

As a result, this one company alone could create a tens of thousands of new jobs.

In fact, in one state alone, the governor estimated 13,000 new direct jobs… 22,000 indirect jobs… and 10,000 construction jobs!

It’s great for the country… but it also could be huge for the company’s $3 stock price.

Stock-picking legend Alexander Green, our friend from the Oxford Club — just went live on stage to deliver all the details on this company. He says this single stock alone could help pay for a comfortable retirement.

Go here for the details:

You could retire rich with this one $3 stock (Details on their BIG plans here) 

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