Economist Roubini expects ‘anemic’ US recovery — and a ‘Greater Depression’ looms

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Nouriel Roubini expects the near-term economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis to be relatively weak, the famed economist told Yahoo Finance in an interview, potentially giving way to an even deeper downturn further down the road.

Until very recently, investors have been aggressively ramping up expectations of a ‘V-shaped’ rebound — until COVID-19 infections began surging nationwide.

However, the the chairman and CEO of Roubini Macro Associates and NYU Stern economics professor explained to Yahoo Finance that a recovery is likely to be more elongated and sluggish — more like a ‘U-shaped’ recovery.

“Both firms and households are going to be spending less and saving more. That implies a very anemic U-shape recovery,” Roubini told “The Ticker” in a broad discussion on Monday.

And Roubini — whose bearish predictions have earned him the nickname of “Dr. Doom” — expects a tepid recovery to eventually morph into a depression even more severe than the 1930s.

While the recovery will start to look like a ‘V’ at the start, it will “soon go into a U,” the economist added. There’s also a risk of a ‘W’, with growth sinking into a double-dip recession if COVID-19 infection rates continue to spike, prompting more lockdowns and pushing the economy into a new contraction.

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