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America 2.0 is hosting an initial public offering (IPO).

Well, offerings.

The stocks from our mega trends are converging … creating this new era of investing. In this era, we’re going to see the stocks of the old Dow Jones Industrial Average get replaced.

This is how we’re going to get to Dow 100K.

Right now, is such an exciting time to be an America 2.0 investor. There’s a record number of companies going public.

It’s estimated that more than $697 billion in wealth could be forged in the next year, as almost 20 IPOs are expected to come to the market every month on average.

Plus, one indicator we use, shows that these innovate stocks are hitting all-time highs.

Of course, you knew about America 2.0 and the opportunities coming. But for many others, this will be its big debut.

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The Genetic Testing Company That Just Came Out With a Coronavirus Test… and Could Double in Value!

The first company I’m looking at is an American company that provides some of the most flexible and affordable genetic testing on the market today.

It offers more than 18,000 single-gene tests and more than 800 rare disease tests, as well as whole-genome sequencing and analysis.

Its lab is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited and exceeds the standards of diagnostic testing.

All data analysis is performed on private server centers. And quality controls are built into its procedures at every step.

Providing essential medical tests is a recession-resistant business.

Yet there is another strong reason to own this company.

It just announced a new test for the coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the first on the market based on next-generation sequencing (NGS).

It also began accepting specimens for testing last week. And it will not be hampered by an ongoing shortage of reagents.

The company said its lab has the capacity to process thousands of samples per day.

The enormous surge in coronavirus cases has created an urgent need for accurate diagnostic testing for the disease.

In fact, I would say this is the most important issue when it comes to the pandemic.

The countries that have performed the best during the coronavirus crisis are those that have tested the most and the fastest.

South Korea led the way by testing not just people who were getting sick but also asymptomatic carriers and people who had had contact with those who were sick.

Germany too has aggressively identified as many people as possible who have come into contact with someone who’s been infected.

This is crucial.

As a result of this aggressive testing, the death rates in South Korea and Germany were kept to rates far lower than other countries like Italy and Spain.

There’s no question that the South Korean and German success stories will lead to even more demand for this company’s tests.

And that could lead to a dramatic increase in share price for the company I’m recommending.

However, this will not just be a short-term revenue spike driven by coronavirus testing in the near future.

The fact is… the coronavirus is likely to be with us forever. It will become as common as the regular flu.

Humans will build up immunity to it over time. We will live with it. But it will always be there.

As Dr. Robert Redfield, head of the CDC, said, “This virus is probably with us beyond this season [and] beyond this year. This virus will become a community virus at some point in time.”

As it becomes a community virus, testing will be widespread.

Anyone who goes to the hospital with flu-like symptoms will get a coronavirus test to ensure that another outbreak doesn’t begin.

And as a result of that, the company I’m recommending is likely to see its tests used on millions of patients.

This is a good thing for two reasons.

  • More testing means more control… better understanding of who is at risk… and less suffering for patients around the globe.
  • For investors looking to reclaim lost money from the market crash, the share price is set up to do very well and could become an all-time winner.

That alone is a good enough reason to buy the stock today.

However, there is more to this story.

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