CORN is Performing Strong [10/15/20]

In this video, we take a look at corn. In a yesterday, we discussed the possibility of looking at corn futures. It took off and went higher today. Hopefully you caught that.

Obviously, this is corn futures, the continuous contract. If you don’t trade futures like I do, you can just trade CORN, the Corn Fund. It will do basically the same thing, but it won’t be a future.

CORN has already hit our first target at 13.32 and our second target at 13.59. The next targets are going to be 13.77, 13.94 and 14.04.

Now, you could do a DBA, an agriculture fund. It’s not as good as corn in my opinion, but it still has a solid uptrend, but it is more of an agriculture fund with different agricultural products in it.

If you want to outright trade CORN, the Corn Fund, it would be an easier place since CORN is pretty strong right now.

Good luck, hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video.

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Hubert Senters

Hubert Senters

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