900 Million iPhone Owners Will Need This Device

Take a look at your iPhone.

Statistics say it’s likely within arms’ reach—or in your hand right now.

I’ll bet you paid at least $200 or $300 for it.

Maybe you have the top of the line, $1,000 phone.

Either way, I have some bad news.

Your iPhone is worthless.

And it will need to be replaced by the end of this year.

In fact, all 900 million iPhone owners will need to replace their current phone by year’s end – if they want to access 5G.

Sales of the new 5G iPhone alone are expected to go from $0 to $150 billion…

Just three months after it is expected to launch in September.

Now here’s the thing: A tiny device is in every one of these iPhones. But it’s not in your current iPhone.

This device is crucial to 5G access.

And one company who makes it is going to make a fortune when Apple releases its new iPhone.

I expect that date to be on or around September 22.

To find out why the company who makes this device is my number one tech stock of 2020, take a look at this video.

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